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Best Lessons Learned from Medium in 2023

2023 Marks a Year of Growth, Progress and Income on Medium. Mistakes were made, but they are avoidable!

9 min readDec 27, 2023


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Table of Contents

Medium Progress:
Yes, I adore medium.

Growth Throughout the Year
June to November

Posts throughout the year
January: 4 Posts
February: 6 Posts
March: 3 Posts
April: 4 Posts
May: 3 Posts
June-November: 0 Posts
December: 2 Posts

My Top Stories
Notes to self:

Lessons to Learn From This year on Medium:
Lesson 1: Shadow-ban
Lesson 2: A Word on Consistency
Lesson 3: Don’t underestimate a (good) publication

Staff Accounts to Follow:

Medium Progress:




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